Topic: Wipe and new ideas.

Hello admin,
About your server is very great and fun to play all you need more players and better zones i would suggest some things:
1.Change PvP zone and remove Halisha RB (I would recommend Primeval Isle)
2.Make Farm zone (Giants Cave) with Giants remove apella drops and forever weapons
3.Change adena with vote coins instead.(Vote system)
4.Remove vampirc heart,gatekeeper charm and make rb jewel bought with votes or Enria and giants coins
5.Make other zones for Weapon shards and Armor shards with different zones
6.Make monastery of silence (drops :Enria,Adena,low chance perfumes and papers)
7.Fix Core too hard to kill Fix Antharas way too much debuffs.

Re: Wipe and new ideas.

1. pvp zone rb is only for pvp items .
2. we have this area . we cannot remove apella and forever cause its a starting items for anyone
3. this is a nice idea . we see it.
4. we see this too.
5.we make difrent zone on that. in this season we add new 2 zones.
6.mos is only for newbies. adena its best item on that server. so we cannot add more adena. if u need adena u make a solo quest zone.
7.core have reflect damage and that way is hard. its core skil. 

and about defuffs. in this server all play with out cardinal . we make one server for all class. if u like kill grand boss u need cardinal.