How to connect ?
1. Download and install Lineage II Interlude Client
2. Download our Patch, delete old system folder from your Lineage2 folder.
3. Unrar Patch and place all files to your Lineage2 folder.
4. Start the game through l2.exe (from system folder)
5. Play the game !

* Automatic accounts registration

* If you have error when opening server's patch, please lastetet WinRar and install it (after uninstall old WinRar)

* If you have connection issues you have to remove, turn off antivirus or add our system folder to antivirus exceptions, because of our security protection. It is not a virus. And do step 2, step 3 again. 

* If you have connection issues with Windows 8 or 10, press right mouse button on l2.exe icon, press Properties, choose compatibility and unmark compatibility mode. 

*** if u have login problem and u cannot login or u get critical error do the following steps.

A. Re-install your l2 game. after that restart your pc.
B. Install again the l2 interlude client on your L2 folder.
C. After install put our system and our textures files inside your l2 folder.
D. Type the l2.exe inside on your system.
E. Enjoy the game :)

more help look here [size=2][font="Open Sans", sans-serif][/font][/size]