Topic: Secret Room Quest

suggestion to make better drop in secret room ?
add some % chance to drop ceas?cews? or more adena?
I think this thing would make gather ppl more to secret room..
solo, party, clan wars for room? :)))
ceikiraut ;D

Re: Secret Room Quest

also make  one more or two new quest? Secret raid boss room? sounds nice
ceikiraut ;D

Re: Secret Room Quest

all this its good idea but we try make one easy server for all with medium custom jws and hard epics.
the point on quest room is for easy adena. cause in that room in 2-3 hour the adena its too fast.

if we make one more or any else rooms, our formula dedtroyed about others customs and farm. only the GRAND EPIC BOSS its hard. and we make it hard cause we love see partys with all class too kill that bosses. 
all others is very easy. with balance class. and in 2-3 days all players have items.