Topic: Guide - [How to Vote]

Hello guys 

I wanna show you to vote on server .. I do this way all time and it works .. I will try to be clear . Dont use Vpn because it doesnt count ur vote sometimes .


1 : I use Microsoft edge , Mozila , Chrome , Opera And that steps worked for these browsers . It depends on you .

2 : You have to log your Google account to avoid Captcha (Bot Control) 

3 : Did you log Google account ? U need because with out this u cannot vote on Topzone And Hopzone.

4 : After to login ur game account on  server and u go on NPC ( Vote Manager. )  You are ready to vote . Lets start from 1st website (topzone). click in game the banner and them go too web site and clik there the same vote banner. them u are vote and finish it and dont close that website.

5 : Open 2nd website (Hopzone) and finish it and dont close again . Do these steps for every sites and Dont close these sites till we done to vote.


I will be glad if someone translate this post to Portuguese and Spanish Languages . I dont want to use Google translate to avoid wrong translation .